Women in Transition - a Good Life Getaway
to Jun 4

Women in Transition - a Good Life Getaway

Join us for 3 nights on Coronado Island as we take a time out together to work on what really matters. Spend time working with our 'Design Guide' that will help you map your current life state, and help to identify what it is that is energizing and draining you. Return to your life with a clear head + heart to take on your challenges, armed with new understanding about yourself and where it is you're headed. 

Cost: $575 + Room Rate 

Includes: A copy of Design Your Life, 3 days of Guided Facilitation + Materials, Optional Yoga, Meditation + all meals.

Email to reserve your spot: hello@goodlifedesigned.com

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Designer Circle
to May 2

Designer Circle

Our most important and defining work is the work we do on ourselves, for ourselves - but it does not have to be done by ourselves. 

Join us for a facilitated 5 week program that guides designers through the GLD process.

Cost  : $100.00 per person

Includes : 5 Weeks of Facilitated Work, Connection to Fellow Life Designers, Copy of Design Your Life, Small Bites

Meetings to be held on Tuesdays of Each Week from 7:00-10:00 at Wework Culver City


Week 1 - The Importance of Writing Things Down
Week 2 - Design Guide - Map Your Current State of Being
Week 3 - Core Values - Get to the root of what is important. 
Week 4 - Mission Statement - Be Guided to Find Your Purpose + Mission in Life
Week 5 - Moving into Action + Finding a Mentor

Email hello@goodlifedesigned.com to reserve your space. 

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Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good
11:00 AM11:00

Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good

Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good is the first annual value based lifestyle event hosted by Good Life Designed We believe that when we are happy and feel good about ourselves, we put ourselves in the best position to contribute to the world.

For tickets Click Here_______________________________________________________


Look Good

+ Pre - Event Yoga Session - Modo Yoga

+ Beauty Bar : Dry Hair Styling + Makeup Touch-ups by Glamsquad

+ Creative Portrait Sessions by Eraem

+ Strike a (Yoga) Pose Photobooth with Grounded Factory

+ Commit to Something Photo Mural by Equinox


Feel Good

+ Mini - Workshop \\ Ancient Practices for Modern Professionals with Heather Rees

+ Mini - Workshop \\ The Art of Re-invention - a Hypnosis with Camilla Sacre -Dallerup

+ Mini Workshop \\ Assemble Your Best Life - Former IKEA Executive Pernille Spiers Lopez Shares Tools to Get Started

+ Inspiring Beverage Curation by Wlde co

+ Conscious Creative Lounge - Vision Boards

+ Music provided by DJ Bella Foxx


Do Good

+ Conscious Coffee Bar by Skid Row Coffee

+ Small bites by Homegirl Cafe

+ Engage in Mentorship with Step Up




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GLDN Happy Hour
6:00 PM18:00

GLDN Happy Hour

Most successful businesses have a clear mission statement, know their core values and have strategies to reach desired business goals. What if the same was true for our personal lives? Join Pernille Spiers Lopez, former President of IKEA North America + Global HR Executive as she shares her tools learned in the corporate world to design your life and create a holistic sense of success for yourself and your professional team that goes beyond the boardroom.

RSVP to the link below

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