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Make it your most important job to design your best life.

Welcome To The Process

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The Curriculum

In a world with unlimited possibilities, it is easy to be overwhelmed and paralyzed by personal choices. Good Life Designed offers tools and a clear process to gain clarity whether you are fresh out of college looking for your first job, a seasoned professional searching for your next step or just looking to change things up.

Lesson 1 - The Importance of Writing Things Down

Lesson 2 - Design Guide - Map Your Current State of Being

Lesson 3 - Core Values - Get to the root of what is important. 

Lesson 4 - Mission Statement - Be Guided to Find Your Purpose + Mission in Life

Lesson 5 - Moving into Action + Finding a Mentor

Online Course

Work with Pernille Spiers-Lopez, former IKEA executive + current 'Life Designer', to gain the insight and knowledge to design your best life. Getting to the root of who we are, is imperative to reach our fullest potential. This personally facilitated online course includes six lessons and assignments along with stories of real life application. 


Gain new perspective from Pernille herself as she reserves 2 days a month for in-person meetings or a phone call if you are not local to the Greater Los Angeles area.

You will have meaningful dialogue and the opportunity to pinpoint what is holding you back from pursuing your dream. With 30+ years of experience, Pernille will give you an outside perspective to help you gain the insight you need to move forward.


Take a short break, pause and reflect on what might stand in your way of living your best life while connecting with those on a similar journey.

During this one day interactive workshop with the Good Life Designed team, you will gain inspiration and support to start designing your best life. The workshop is based on the message and tools in Pernille's book, Design Your Life.


Interrupt the hustle and routines of everyday life.

Design Retreats are the perfect blend of a much-needed getaway & personal + professional development. It will be a special time for you. Come alone or bring a friend, and you will return with new energy, new friends and a plan for your next step. Good Life Designed gives you time to reflect on what is happening in your own life while giving you the space to ask for feedback.

Designer Circles

Some of our most important and defining work starts with the work we do on ourselves - but it does not have to be done by ourselves. 

Join us at Wework Culver City for a facilitated 5 week program that guides designers through the GLD process, together.