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Make it your most important job to design your best life.

Gain new perspective from Pernille herself as she reserves 2 days a month for in-person meetings or a phone call if you are not local to the Greater Los Angeles area.

You will have meaningful dialogue and the opportunity to pinpoint what is holding you back from pursuing your dream. With 30+ years of experience, Pernille will give you an outside perspective to help you gain the insight you need to move forward.

Take a short break, pause and reflect on what might stand in your way of living your best life while connecting with those on a similar journey.

During this one day interactive workshop with the Good Life Designed team, you will gain inspiration and support to start designing your best life. The workshop is based on the message and tools in Pernille's book, Design Your Life.

Interrupt the hustle and routines of everyday life.

Design Retreats are the perfect blend of a much-needed getaway & personal + professional development. It will be a special time for you. Come alone or bring a friend, and you will return with new energy, new friends and a plan for your next step. Good Life Designed gives you time to reflect on what is happening in your own life while giving you the space to ask for feedback.

Pernille has motivated, touched and challenged thousands of people around the world by telling her own story as a starting point. Though she may appear to have had a straight line to success, she very openly shares her past and present challenges.  Pernille loves to discuss personal leadership, and the power we have to take ownership of our lives and design it in a way that fits us.

Speaking topics include:

  • 21st century leadership
     - Retail

  • Women in leadership
     - The business case for having women at the table, the task to close the gender gap and what it takes for both men and women to get there and sustain

  • Building an inclusive culture in a modern company
  • Mentoring
    - Why we all need at least one
  • Human Resources
    - The need to put the human asset in focus for sustainable business growth and performance. This is a new approach to succession, building competence and employee engagement


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