Our Story

Good Life Designed was born out of the idea that all people have incredible potential but often the questions of "what do I want" and "how do I get there" are easier left unanswered. Pernille Spiers-Lopez never took the time to answer these questions for herself and went through life taking one opportunity after another that luckily led her to find great professional success, eventually ending up as Global HR Manager for IKEA. After 30 years of hard work, sacrifice and many different titles, Pernille realized that it was time to step back and take time to design the life she wanted to live. 

Pernille took her hard earned lessons and decided to write it all down. “Design Your Life” has become the platform for her to effectively share, coach and mentor the many people who are committed to pursuing their fullest potential and design their best life. Pernille partnered with her daughter, Sine Maria to develop the community of Good Life Designed. Sine contributes by working with Pernille to make her message accessible to everyone from high school students deciding where to go to school to baby boomers redefining themselves after a 20+ year career. It is our belief that together, people grow at a more exponential rate feeding off of new perspectives and collecting new opportunities.  Sine and Pernille provide events, retreats, and workshops to bring people together so that life designers may find or fuel the sense of direction they need to design their best life.